Re: Northwind Database Employee Form Photo

I appreciate that info! One of the things I am intersted in is how a user
adds/removes a photo and I like the way the NWIND form does that. I suspect
I could incorporate the two ideas, avoiding the OLE issues and still have
nice functionality for users adding pictures? I could sure use some help.
I'm fairly new to Access.


Thanks again!!!

"Larry Linson" <bouncer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "bmoses" wrote
> > I'm looking for some advice on using the NWIND
> > Employee Form (The photograph piece) on one
> > of my forms. I like the way you can add/delete
> > the pictures.
> >
> > What do I need to copy from the NWIND Form (& Code?)....and any pointers
> on
> > modifying the code? I just want to make sure I get all the pieces.
> As I recall, the NWIND form you describe uses OLE Objects to store
> pictures. There are some drawbacks to that technique. But the following
> may help: the sample imaging databases at
> illustrate three approaches to handling images in Access, and the download
> includes an article discussing considerations in choosing an approach. Two
> of the approaches do not use OLE Objects and, thus, avoid the database
> bloat, and some other problems, associated with images in OLE Objects.
> If you are printing the images in reports, to avoid memory leakage, you
> should also see MVP Stephen Lebans'
> is an Access97
> MDB containing a report that fails during the Access formatting process
> prior to being spooled to the Printer Driver. This MDB also contains code
> showing how to convert the contents of the Image control to a Bitmap file
> prior to printing. This helps alleviate the "Out of Memory" error that can
> popup when printing image intensive reports.
> Larry Linson
> Microsoft Access MVP