Re: Display Records In Reverse Order

From: Allen Browne (AllenBrowne_at_SeeSig.Invalid)
Date: 10/21/04

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:50:37 +0800

Did you include the line:
    Me.OrderByOn = True

The presence of the foreign key (ID1) and primary key (ID2) is normal - not
an issue.

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"Alan Henry" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for the quick response,
> I have tried setting the OrderBy property of the subform to sort by the 
> date
> in descending order, but it does not work. It will not sort any of the 
> fields
> on the subform. The table for the subform contains two IDs ID1 is linked 
> to
> ID1 of the main form. ID2 is the subform's own ID number. Could this have
> anything to do with it?
> "Allen Browne" wrote:
>> Create a query that sorts the records as desired.
>> Set the form's RecordSource to the name of the query.
>> It is also possible to set the OrderBy of the form, using DESC to get
>> descending order. Remember to set OrderByOn as well.
>> "Alan Henry" <Alan> wrote in message
>> >I have a form which contains general information about gauges. This form
>> > contains a subform listing the calibration history of the gauges. Is it
>> > possible for records in the subform to be diplayed in reverse order, so
>> > that
>> > the last record entered is displayed first (reverse chronological 
>> > order).