Re: Export with HTML in field, how to stop converting to HTML

This is a guess, I have little experience with exporting to html.
Create an extra column in the query that is the recordsource for the form -
this column's data is the text before it is converted.
For your export, create a new query that includes the new column, but
excludes the column where you converted the text.

Jeanette Cunningham

"xsdaver" <xsdaver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a database where I have a cell that's a link to a picture. I run a
query that adds the required text to make the link appear as a little icon
that takes you to the picture when you click it. That all works fine.
However, when I export it to HTML, access converts the cell text to
on an HTML page, not to be the HTML function that I want. How can I tell
Access to export that one field exactly as it is and not convert it?