Re: Adp to asp web page

you should run out and buy a copy of Dreamweaver; MIcrosoft is a bunch
of drunk retards that dont understand web development

DesCF wrote:
Thanks for that. Interesting. I went and opened an ADP and everything
seemed to be working just fine including creating a new table. However,
when I went into the connection box, it listed my server but in the drop
down list it was not listed - in fact when I dropped the list it
automatically attached '\SQLEXPRESS' to my server name. My databases were
no longer available and the connection failed. So I removed '\SQLEXPRESS'
and everything worked fine again. As far as I know there is only SQL
Server 8 on my machine now so I went into Program Files\Microsoft SQL
Server to see what is there. There are 2 folders, one called MSSQL and
the other called MSSQL.1. My databases are in the MSSQL\Data folder along
with master and model and so forth. The new stuff (incuding master and
model, etc.) is in the MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data folder. What would you think be
the conclusion to draw from this ?

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006 15:18:45 +0100, Norman Yuan <NotReal@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Since you are talking Access ADP and ASP web application:

1. Access ADP is merely front end app and IDE for SQL Server, and it is
desktop technology (forget data page, it is gone in Access2007 anyway),
different from web app (ASP or ASP.NET), you cannot "convert" onw to the
other, unless "converting" means complete re-write.

2. ASP is old technology and different from ASP.NET. With Visual Studio
Express2005, you can only develop ASP.NET, not ASP.

3. Sql Server Express is a database server, ( SQL Server 2005), and can
used with ASP, ASP.NET, Access APD (though, you cannot design table,
SP and UDF with Access2003 and older on SQL Server2005/Express, you need
upcomming Access2007 for that) and other apps...

"DesCF" <descf@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I caught on to this after I posted and downloaded Express 2005 Visula
Developer and Express 2005 SQL Server. Is this the latest software and
the accepted way of doing this now ? Also while on the subject what are
the substantive changes between Access 2002 XP and 2007 (if any) ?

On Sun, 22 Oct 2006 16:56:08 +0100, Norman Yuan <NotReal@xxxxxxxxxxx>

If the Order Form in the adp project is not Data Page (I doubt it is),
the simplest way is, well, forget the adp at all and do it ASP way. Oh,
may re-use or copy the query the form is based on in your ASP project
SP, or dynamic SQL). Even it is data page, it may still better to do
page without bothering to convert it, and data page has been dropped
Access2007's ADP support.

"DesCF" <descf@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
What is the simplest and most efficient way to recreate the
NorthwindCS.adp Orders form (with the detail subform) as a .asp (I
web page ?

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